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Having left the Slade, after six languinous  of undergraduate and then  postgraduate, Sheridan transgressed into the land of commercial galleries, corporate sponsorship and many, many private views fuelled by flagons of free alcohol. There she met Simon, newly emerged from the Royal Academy, his first exhibition outside of the Schools, a little moment of Kismet, on a ladder. Nice arse.  

Simon’s glorious paintings launched straight onto the London market to great acclaim, with sell out solo shows and fabulous reviews by hugely respected critics. Word was out on this fiercely talented young painter and in the wink of an eye he was toiling 24/7 to feed a hungry worldwide audience. Exhibitions across the globe, shipping crates flying around the world and some truly wonderful travels with the ever growing family of Dragons (daughters!) And hilarious amount of luggage…who could forget the musical potty over North American airspace. 

Then came the yearning for a rural life, the Casson’s needed some mud and where better to find that than the deepest dimpsiest rural Somerset. This was decades back, long before the idea of hip, everyone chose elsewhere in the West Country,  The Newt wasn’t imagined and the Babbington set still a mystery. Somerset was proper rural, you were “not from round ‘ere” unless you were at least three generations into cow poo. Drawn by this Hardyesque land of the Wassail and the Folky tales of Punkies, the Cassons settled into making more Cassons and rescuing many, many insane creatures.

Today, with the Dragons fledged, the couple work alongside each other, with Sheridan’s singular objects and antiques scattered across the studio, amidst paintings in geniture.

studio simon casson

Simon Casson

Simon Casson was born in York and was raised in Zambia. He completed his B.A in Fine Art at Exeter College of Art and Design with First Class Honours, then moved on to Central Saint Martins to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Printmaking. His education was completed with three years studying at the Royal Academy Schools in London, gaining a Masters at the Painting School. Shortly after graduating, he began teaching Drawing, Printmaking, Photography and Painting at various Universities including Chelsea UAL and Bournemouth Arts Institute, and became a senior lecturer in Fine Art at Plymouth University. He now lives and works in rural Somerset, with his wife Sheridan and a couple of Romanian rescued dogs.


For further information on upcoming exhibitions, publications and reviews can be found on his website link below.

Sheridan Casson

Ex. Slade School, grad and post grad.  Limmer’s Agent, Mama of Dragons, purveyor of the curious, the Gothic, the dark eccentric. Book obsessive…hungry for the  fousty forrels of Carter, Auster, Janowitz, Tartt, Logan, Dickens, Kidd, Arnett, Grudova, Hall, MacNeice, Barker, Gilbert, Tyler, Welty, Russell, Flanagan…many, many tomes. Lover of the smeechy unique, liminality, the only, the mossy, folksy, centuries dead taxidermy, the eth – the distinctly auverlooked, the Momments alongside the Mummocks. Dealing although it makes for a teagish mood. 


For further details on Etsy, Instagram and facebook.

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plura réseaux

network, grid, net, web, connection, mesh, a grid photographed by a separate exposure onto a plate containing star images to facilitate astronomical measurements.

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